the spark platform

Welcome! We're so glad you're here. The spark platform is your gateway to a community of educators & toolbox of resources to build strategies for continual well-being. Happy teachers is our goal. Discover what the platform includes & claim our FREE wellness toolkit plus a 7 day trial below.



What is spark?

Spark is a (w)holistic wellness platform built by educators, for educators. We provide continual access to fitness classes, professional development, events, coaching, & more. We pair movement & mindfulness to put wellness at the fingertips of teachers.


How does spark work?

Pick & choose from daily classes that blend the best in studio fitness with the science of mindfulness

Fit workouts into a busy day with on-demand sessions. Check out pop-up wellness events for practical info on topics like nutrition & stress relief. 



Why pay for spark?

Because your happiness & wellbeing are worth it. As current & former educators, we know the power of community. Spark goes beyond fitness by creating spaces for educators to gain tools for personal wellbeing. Spark is the solution to keeping teachers happy & in the classroom, thus increasing student achievement. We work to keep spark's packages financially accessible & offset costs through sponsors.


Can I try spark out?

Yes! Teachers say joining a class is the best way to truly understand what spark does. Submit the form below to receive your free wellness toolkit plus a

7-day unlimited live & on-demand free trial to our platform. 

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Frequently asked questions

I don't own home workout equipment, can I still participate?

That's fine! Most spark sessions are designed to only need a yoga mat + you. For any of our strength-based classes (HIIT, LIIT, core & more, etc.) you can always use a household item as a weight. Trust us, we've seen it all and we welcome it all: crockpots, books, wine bottles, and more as weights!

Where can I find information on pricing?

We offer packages for school-wide access, individual teacher access, individual non-teacher access, and unlimited on-demand only access. For individual access, head over to "Book Packages" to learn more. For staff-wide access, see "Partnerships" to browse different levels and learn more about our corporate sponsorship program.

How intense are spark classes?

At spark, we design inclusive classes for all fitness levels. The moves, poses, intervals, and excercises we'll lead you through can all be modified for different intensity levels. Whether you're recovering from an injury, haven't worked out in a while, or want to s h r e d, we have something for you.

What makes a spark class different?

In every single class, we incorporate mindfulness. Even in HIIT classes? Yes! By integrating mindfulness after activating with movement, your body is learning how to engage the science of stress relief and manage through a stress cycle. You'll leave feeling calm yet energized after each class. Sign up for a free 7-day trial to feel the difference for yourself.

Am I eligible for the teacher package?

Anyone who is PK-12 school staff of any kind qualifies for our special educator rate.