the spark story


spark was founded in a time of need. On March 16, 2020, Gabby led a group fitness class from her living room on the first day of the Washington, DC COVID-19 lockdown. 50 wonderful humans moved through a HIIT workout that Gabby finished with a mindful moment. At the end of that evening there was already a special feeling. Gabby recognized this feeling, it was the same relief she'd experienced after finishing a long day of teaching PreK and Kindergarten.

The spark ignited. Gabby began to fit the pieces together. She saw the troubling rates of teacher attrition nationwide and the record-high levels of stress. She saw the need for wholistic support in the education community with accessible tools designed specifically for educators. So she embarked on creating the ultimate teacher wellness resource. 

Since that first class, spark has grown into a space where educators and community members find genuine connection through daily stress relief. spark continues to serve from the core of its original purpose—to come together, sweat and breathe, and be genuinely well.