spark into fall

starting August 17th

early bird until August 7th

Why Participate?

2020 has raced by our eyes. Soon, we will find ourselves with shorter days, less light, and colder temps. Forced to spend more time indoors.

With more time indoors comes isolation, sometimes Seasonal Affective Disorder, and compounding stress. Instead of allowing this to become your fate, here are two things to set yourself up for success NOW:

1. Take the time to be outside & soak up the Vitamin D while we still have the opportunity. Enjoy. Your. Time. Guilt-free living. Eat the ice cream.

2. Set yourself and your home up for a wellness fortress. Know what brings you joy, do things that make your body feel healthy & strong, create physical space that eases you, find strategies that will keep you calm & heartful, and build up your understanding of self.

spark into fall will help you do just this

What is spark into fall?

2 cohorts, 6 weeks:

1 educator-only

1 professional

  • 1 unique cohort-only class per week: HIIT (low or high impact), meditation, and strategies for personal success in stressful times

  • 3 classes of meditation per week: learning specific strategies to find calm & gratitude

  • Unlimited access to spark by gabby

classes weekly!

  • Accountability partners

  • Weekly wellness challenges

  • Unlimited access to Gabby

Below is solely for spark into fall members.



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