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it takes 3+

At spark, we transform the way you think about your workout. Through intentional movement & embedded mindfulness in each class, 3+ classes a week has the power to transform the way you show up to your workout AND your day. 

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Read how we do it below.



All of our classes use the science of movement & mindfulness.

First, we elevate your heart rate, cortisol, and adrenaline through movement. Next, we stretch. And last, we lead you through a brief guided meditation to lower your heart rate, cortisol, and adrenaline. This experience is your body practicing the stress cycle! The more you practice the cycle, the better you get a responding to stress.

spark classes give you the ability to OWN your stress.


We show up to coach YOU.

We are your friends & family.

We are your ultimate cheerleaders in all that you do.



We show up for justice of all kinds saying that Black lives always matter.

We work to make our space inclusive & open to all, while pushing the narrative of justice forward in the industry through conscious music choices, charity classes, and opportunity to engage in conversation. Each month we host a conversation on race & racism called Together, we learn.

Research Says It All

Movement has been proven to...

-Improve mood

-Boost energy

-Control weight

-Combat health conditions and diseases

-Promote better sleep

Among others

Mindfulness has been proven to...

-Decrease stress

-Enhance ability to deal with illness

-Facilitate recovery

-Decrease depressive symptoms

-Improve general health

Among others

This is how we put it into action.