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spark is the solution to teacher retention & student achievement

There is no doubt that well-being is a factor in the 44% of teachers that leave in the first 5 years of teaching.


In 2021, we have the opportunity to disrupt that reality as we enter a school year unlike any other by building teacher capacity through customized self-care.

We give educators strategies that they can apply immediately to their lives.

We give leaders back time, money, and energy normally spent on recruiting.

We are a vision of the future in education.


The Platform

  • Staff receive continuous access to all live & on-demand classes: HIIT, LIIT, yoga, spin, sculpt, core, intention setting & more

  • Embedded mindfulness in each class

  • Financially accessible: $2,000 annually for school-wide access

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Professional Development​

  • Customized professional development

  • Staff leave with an understanding of stress & how to relieve it uniquely in themselves

  • Staff walk away with a toolbox of self-care strategies including movement, mindfulness, and reflection tools

  • Pricing varies

spark works.

Here's what we've noticed...

After 8 weeks on our PLATFORM, educators increased their...

+ 20% work-life balance

+ 20% ability to make decisions

+ 10% energy & ability to support others


After PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT participation, educators felt more...

+ 46% energized

+ 20% relaxed

+ 20% cheerful

transform stress

Our classes build participant's capacity to tackle the stressors of education. Classes take your body on a journey from movement to mindfulness, deliberately practicing a completion of the body's stress cycle.

increase energy

Pilot results show that participants will have increased feeling of well-being, productivity, and energy! They even have a higher capacity to learn in moments of stess!

By & for educators

1/2 of our staff are current or former educators. We have first-hand experience with the same stressors you have! We make applying new strategies easy because get it!


We are not here to break the bank. We offset our costs with sponsors so you can focus on what matters, supporting students.

We look forward to supporting you!