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Personal growth transformation

Beyond Self-Care

We help you understand stress & how to relieve it

Our goals are to:

  • Share with you a toolbox of self-care strategies

  • Help you recognize when you feel stress

  • Equip you with strategies to use when feeling stress

  • Assist you in feeling less overall stress

You set an intention

We use intentions not goals to work towards what we have felt fearful of. Any intention can be included.

You receive coaching

Gabby supports your unique need through one-on-one coaching of your intention and the thinking behind it.

We work together

Independently, each week we reflect and learn.

Together, every other week we reflect, move, and practice mindfulness.

You feel stress relief

Data shows you will...

-Feel more relaxed

-Feel better about yourself

-Have more energy to spare

-Feel more cheerful




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